2nd Grade – Insects and Plants

Here are resources for your 2nd Grade kitInsects and Plants

**Click Curriculum Overview for a video about the NGSS standards and Priority Matrix document.

Curriculum Overview Priority Matrix

2019 life science planning calendar

Click on the following links below the investigations for a pdf of the word wall words.  You can laminate and cut them and use them to help aid in building vocabulary for your students during science.

Word Wall Words

Investigation 1 -Mealworms Investigation 2 – Brassica Seeds
Investigation 3 – Milkweed Bugs
Investigation 4 -Silkworms Investigation 5 – Butterflies

Plant and Animal Care Pages

Mealworms Milkweed Bug Eggs Silkworm Eggs Seeds
Painted Lady      

Printable Vocabulary Cards (with words, definitions and images)

Materials Supplied by Teacher

Investigation 1

Investigation 2

Investigation 3


Things you might want to know

Investigation 1

Investigation 2

Investigation 3

Investigation 4

Investigation 5

Additional Materials