5th Grade – Earth and Sun

Below are the posters that go along with this activity.  Click on either one of the posters to download the set.  These are available in color and black and white and in 11X 18 paper size.  

Things that you will need to get ready for this activity.

This activity will need at at least 100 strips of the different moon phases.  There are 8 that come on a page, so 20 copies should be more than enough.  Make sure to cut out the strips for use at the station.  It would be helpful to have at least 8 pairs of different sized scissors as well as a small trash bin to collect any scraps.  Students/parents will also need glue to glue these moons into their science notebooks.  Also on this page are the additional PDF’s of the moon phases in half sheets, as well as some additional posters explaining the different moon phases in PDF poster sizes.  It is recommended that all these posters be laminated for additional use. 

Quick List for this activity – 

  • 100 moon strips (2o copies) – PDF
  • Laminated copies of moon pictures – Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4
  • Laminated copies of moon phase descriptions – (These are a part of the posters above)
  • 8 pairs of scissors – 4 small and 4 large
  • 8 glue sticks
  • small trash bin