Kindergarten – Trees and Weather

Below are the posters that go along with this activity.  Click on either one of the posters to download the set.  These are available in color and black and white and in 11X 18 paper size.  

Things that you will need to get ready for this activity.

This activity will need the pictures of the trees to put together as puzzles.  Below are copies of the ones used in the kits.  They will need to be copied in color, laminated and cut apart.  I would also recommend putting them in individual bags, labeling the front of which tree as well as making an extra set just in case some of the pieces get lost.  (I would encourage using the copied puzzles as these pieces could easily get lost and we don’t have replacements downtown for missing puzzles pieces.)

Apple Cottonwood Fir Maple Palm Pine Poplar Cottonwood (9) Pine (9)


Quick List for this activity – 

  • 2 copies of each of the 9 puzzles, laminated and cut out
  • 9 quart bags labeled with each of the tree names for easy storage