1st Grade – Sound and Light

Here are resources for your 1st Grade kitSound and Light

Curriculum Overview Priority Matrix Scope and Sequence- 3 kits


Click on the following links below the investigations for a pdf of the word wall words.  You can laminate and cut them and use them to help aid in building vocabulary for your students during science.

Word Wall Words

Investigation 1 -Sound and Vibrations
Investigation 2 – Changing Sound
Investigation 3 – Light and Shadows
Investigation 4 -Light and Mirrors

Printable Vocabulary Cards  PDF

Target Strategies

Single Page of All Target Strategies Individual Strategies for Classroom Use

Things you might want to know

Investigation 1

Investigation 2

Investigation 3

Investigation 4

We will be adding pennies and paperclips to this kit as they are needed for the drop chamber lesson.  

Additional Materials