1st Grade – Air and Weather

Below are the posters that go along with this activity.  Click on either one of the posters to download the set.  These are available in color and black and white and in 11X 18 paper size.  

Things that you will need to get ready for this activity.

At this activity, there should be enough supplies for at least 100 parachutes.  There should be 4 strings per parachute for a total of 400 strings, cut at 18 inches long.  Each parachute will need 5 sticky dots.  It would be easiest for these to already be pre cut as well as a small trash bin at the table to collect these scraps.  There also needs to be a box of small paperclips, and thin napkins for the actual parachute.

Quick List for this activity – 

  • 400 precut strings, 18 inch lengths
  • 100 sheets of 5 sticker dots
  • 1 box of 100 small paperclips
  • 100 napkins