3rd Grade – Water and Climate

Below are the posters that go along with this activity.  Click on either one of the posters to download the set.  These are available in color and black and white and in 11X 18 paper size.  

Things that you will need to get ready for this activity.

This activity will need two sets of materials.  For each set of materials you will need to set up a cookie sheet, with a piece of waxed paper taped to the top of the inside.  This cookie sheet will need to be propped up with something to create a slope.  There will need to be a cup of water as well as 4 droppers.  It is recommended to have a towel at the station to clean up any water spills and extra pages of waxed paper to replace the overly wet ones after a while. 


Quick List for this activity – 

  • 2 cookie sheets
  • 6 pieces of waxed paper cut to the length of the inside of the cookie sheet
  • tape
  • 8 water droppers
  • 2 sets of things to prop up the cookie sheets to create a slope
  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 towels