3rd Grade – Motion and Matter

Here are resources for your 3rd Grade kitMotion and Matter

Curriculum Overview Priority Matrix Scope and Sequence- 3 kits

Click on the following links below the investigations for a pdf of the word wall words.  You can laminate and cut them and use them to help aid in building vocabulary for your students during science.

Word Wall Words

Investigation 1 -Forces Investigation 2 – Patterns of Motion Investigation 3 – Engineering Investigation 4 -Mixtures

Printable Vocabulary Cards  PDF

Target Strategies

Single Page of All Target Strategies Individual Strategies for Classroom use

Things you might want to know

  • Some of the materials in this kit are breaking easily.  The doughnut magnets are breaking in half or chipping during use or even when sent.  The green “axels” are bending easily and are at times difficult to get the wheels off.  Some of the marker spinners are dried out before even the first use.

Investigation 1

Investigation 2

Investigation 3

Investigation 4

Additional Materials