Science Night

On these pages, you should find all the resources you will need to put on a fun, interactive science night in your building using activities from our current FOSS kits.  These activities could be used alongside other science activities or even with the Title Engineering Kits.

Each of the lessons below have a printable cover poster as well as a printable instruction page that you could use to display on each of your tables.  I have added pictures to help you assemble the activities to help in setting them up for the night and recommendations of supplies, where to get them and how many of each.

  Earth Science Physical Science
Kindergarten  Trees and Weather Materials and Motion
1st Grade Air and Weather Sound and Light
2nd Grade Pebbles, Sand and Silt Solids and Liquids
3rd Grade Water and Climate Motion and Matter
4th Grade Soils, Rocks and Landforms Energy
5th Grade Earth and Sun Mixtures and Solutions


Here is the student book that you could have families fill out together.  Printable Student Book.