Live Materials Ordering

Spring 2019 Update: FOSS Live Organism Ordering Information

Organisms to Order Prior to Spring Break

Grade Level Live Organism(s) to Order for Unit 1 Date to order for arrival

4/8 – 4/12

K Goldfish, Guppies, Elodea, Pond Snails and Ramshorn Snails (snails used in Unit 2, but easy to care for and worth ordering in one shipment) 3/18
1 (First live organism to order needed for Investigation 3)
2 (First live organism to order needed for Inv. 5)
3 (First live organism to order during Week 1 of instruction)
4 Mealworms, Pill Bugs & Sow Bugs 3/18
5 Red worms (not needed until Day 7 of unit–adjust ordering date depending on your unit calendar) 3/18