3rd Grade – Water and Climate

Here are resources for your 3rd Grade kitWater and Climate

Curriculum Overview Priority Matrix Scope and Sequence- 3 kits

Click on the following links below the investigations for a pdf of the word wall words.  You can laminate and cut them and use them to help aid in building vocabulary for your students during science.

Word Wall Words

Investigation 1 -Water Observations
Investigation 2 – Hot Water, Cold Water
Investigation 3 – Weather and Water
Investigation 4 -Seasons and Climate
Investigation 5 – Waterworks

Printable Vocabulary Cards (with words, definitions and images)

Target Strategies

Single Page of All Target Strategies Individual Strategies for

Classroom Use


Things you might want to know


Table of Contents

(with Investigation Titles)

Word Format

Investigation 1

Investigation 2

Investigation 3

Investigation 4

Investigation 5


The Audubon Society has a lot of great resources to use especially around birds and climate change.  There is a local chapter that will donate books to your classroom and in color, magazines at no charge.  Check out their  website for more information.  Lane County Audubon Society.  

Additional Materials