Kindergarten – Materials in Motion

Here are resources for your Kinder kitMaterials and Motion

Curriculum Overview Priority Matrix

Scope and Sequence- 3 kits


Click on the following links below the investigations for a pdf of the word wall words.  You can laminate and cut them and use them to help aid in building vocabulary for your students during science.

Word Wall Words

Investigation 1 -Getting to Know Wood
Investigation 2 – Getting to Know Paper
Investigation 3 – Getting to Know Fabric
Investigation 4 -Getting Things to Move

Printable Vocabulary Cards (with words and images)

Target Strategies

Single Page of All Target Strategies Individual Strategies for Classroom Use

Things you might want to know

Investigation 1

In part 6, making particleboard, this step can be rather difficult.  Stir for about 10 minutes on the stove.  This recipe makes enough for 2 classrooms.  It only keeps for 4-5 days, so plan ahead!

Cherie Aaron, Gilham

Investigation 2

Investigation 3

Investigation 4


Additional Materials