2nd Grade – Solids and Liquids

Here are resources for your 2nd Grade kitSolids and Liquids

Curriculum Overview Priority Matrix Scope and Sequence- 3 kits

Click on the following links below the investigations for a pdf of the word wall words.  You can laminate and cut them and use them to help aid in building vocabulary for your students during science.

Word Wall Words

Investigation 1 – Solids Investigation 2 – Liquids Investigation 3 – Bits and Pieces
Investigation 4 -Solids, Liquids and Water

Printable Vocabulary Cards  PDF

Vocabulary (reformatted from the FOSS page)

PDF Vocabulary Page

Target Strategies

Single Page of All Target Strategies Individual Strategies for Classroom Use

Things you might want to know

Investigation 1

Investigation 2

Here is an email that might help answer questions for other 2nd grade teachers as well.  The black is the teachers comments and the blue is the response.

I am a little worried about my science kit and sending it to the next teacher.  In the kit I received, the consumable items, like corn syrup, fabric softener and hand soap, were only about half full.  I barely had enough for Investigation 4 for partners, even though students were suppose to individually get bottles (I’m working in Liquids and Solids). I’m sorry.  About how much in the bottles did you need so we can make sure there is enough for the next time for when teachers are using this kit?  
If this kit goes directly to the next teacher there will not be enough of these items in the kit.  Please record this on your inventory list that these need to be refilled.  This is true of some of the other consumable items from earlier lessons as well.  What other consumables?  I am also wondering if I should send the empty bottles or throw them away when I return the kit?  Don’t throw them away.  The bottles are small so they all can fit easier in the box.  The warehouse buys larger quantities of materials to save money, then refills the smaller bottles.
Additionally, this kit has sets of liquids in bottles that stay in the bottles (again: things like corn syrup, fabric softener, soap, oil).  I’m not sure how long these materials have been in the bottles, but they are starting to stick together (corn syrup?) and one or two have cracks.  I am wondering how I should return these materials in the kit.  The materials have been in the kit since last year.  The purpose was so that teachers didn’t have to do this part and that the lids were glued shut so that kids didn’t “accidentally” open them.  If some of the bottles have cracks, if you can put them in a sealed zip lock and send them back with your kit, while documenting it on your inventory sheet, that helps to let the warehouse track this.  They will put a new bottle for the next teacher in the kit.  There might be a trend happening with certain liquids that we can start to track.  
Lisa Fragala, Edgewood

Investigation 3

Investigation 4

Additional Materials