A Glossary of Cooking Terms:

BakeUsing an oven to cook food

Baste: To pour juices over food while cooking to keep moist.

Boil: Heating a liquid until it bubbles and turns to vapor.

Broil: To cook under strong, intense heat.

Chop: To cut into pieces with a sharp knife or other chopping device.

Dice: To cut foods into small cubes of uniform size and shape.

Drizzle: To sprinkle drops of liquid over food

Fry: To cook in hot fat over a stove.

JulienneTo cut vegetables, fruits, or cheeses into thin strips.

Mince: To cut foods into extremely small pieces.

Roast: To cook by dry heat in an oven.

SautéTo cook or brown food in a small amount of fat.

SimmerTo cook slowly in liquid over low heat at a temperature of about 180°. The surface of the liquid should be barely moving, broken from time to time by slowly rising bubbles.

SteamBoiling a small amount of water to form steam.  Food will be cooked on a steamer rack in a kettle above the boiling water.

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