Connections Challenge: Be Organized!

First, if you are in King or Queen of the Castle… Make sure you are checking your Avatar’s mailbox (the Connections Message board in the hallway outside of Josh’s office).  Mail is starting to pile up for some of you, and you do not want to miss important paychecks and bills that might be for your Avatar!

Remember, the purpose of King or Queen of the Castle is to develop a system and practice organization.  The real world has homework: you have to pay your rent and your bills, you have to clean your house, you have to do your grocery shopping, etc…  Hint: The real world homework doesn’t seem so bad if you stay organized and have a plan for completing all your responsibilities!  The homework becomes no big deal!

So what is your system?  Even if you don’t attend King or Queen of the Castle, you still have a need for an organizational system?  How do you stay organized?  What is your plan?  I would love to post organization tips on this website… Please tell Josh your tips and he will post a list next week!


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