Let’s Set Some Goals!

Believe it or not, we have about 6 more weeks of school before the end of the school year.  What will you accomplish in the next 6 weeks?  Think about it… 6 weeks is plenty of time to set a great goal and work towards that goal!  Talk to your advocate this week, what goal will you set before the end of school?  Here are some ideas:

  • If you have a goal to attend college classes, set a goal to be more organized.  You can track how much homework you are completing in Connections.  You can track how often you are asking for accommodations in Connections seminars.  
  • If you have a goal to get paid employment, set a goal to work on soft skills.  Track how often you arrive to class on time.  Track how often you meet your supervisor’s expectations during work crew.  Track how much you take initiative on the job site.  
  • If you have a goal to practice for job interviews… practice sharing your portfolio with someone from your support team.  Set a goal that you will share your portfolio/goal progress with at least 2 people per week.  You will gain practice talking about yourself and your accomplishments, and that will go a long way!
  • If you have a goal to live independently, set a goal to practice organization… Set a goal around checking and using a calendar/planner to complete your homework (this will simulate paying your bills).  Set a goal to practice keeping track of your budget.

There are so many ways you can work on your goals!  Talk to your advocate this week and start setting/tracking your goals today!

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