Adulting: I Craft My Pants!

Adulting Spring-24

5 /20 

Cleaning up and finish the set up for the BBQ. Sign to be completed…or as much as we can  get done. 


Review – Thanks for all the help with OPEN HOUSE set-up last week. 

Calendar: no school on 5/27

Clean up outside for BBQ and graduation.  What do we need to get? 


Make a SIGN (poster) for graduation and/or the BBQ

Sewing a button or a patch. 

Sewing on a patch:



Organize – clean up for open house – white boards…

Bake for open house – 

Check on plants – 



We’ll continue w setting up the raised garden/flower bed and see about possibly building a new. This video shows a basic “kit” to do this but we’d probably make our own. If you want inspiration – let take  quick walk to the community garden below Kennedy – some of the lots look really nice.

Common mistakes when building raised bed (around 5 min in video):

Dig and prep for the outdoor raised bed and fix and broken parts. 

See the planted flowers and also be creative w making the succulent’s/cactus into nice gift (mothers day coming up).


April 22

Earth Day – make smart choices to help our Planet.

can you make it through a week of these “smart activities”- Planet earth will THANK YOU! 🙂

Heather B – continued from prior class (plant and make your home & garden grow)

Sunpainting – Mary will leda the way with this cool activity.


Full list of activities for Earth day (week):

Monday’s Shift: Small shifts, big impacts.

Meatless Monday-Save Water and Land by planning a meatless meal, eating at least one meatless meal a week, figure out your food footprint with the impact calculator, read more about Meatless Mondays.

Take the pledge!

For every burger skipped, you can save enough water to drink for the next three years. Meatless meals are nutritious and delicious…Give it a try!

Tuesday’s Shift: Small shifts, big impacts. 

Trashy Tuesday-Reduce your waste by reducing what you need, choose reusable over single use items, Love Food Not Waste-start curbside composting, Eat Smart, Waste Less, Recycle Right

Take the pledge!

Trash: noun, discarded matter; waste. As humans we live in a world of convenience and disposability. Many of us don’t think about what we will do with items we buy and use at their end-of-use-life and where these items will end up when we throw them “away”.  Where in the world is away? Most items, unless we plan for them, that place called “away” is usually the land fill. We can make choices about the items we purchase, accept and how to dispose of them in more environmentally friendly ways.

Wednesday’s Shift: Small shifts, big impacts. 

Water Wednesday-Conserve and protect water by always using cold water unless you need hot, don’t leave the tap running, take shorter showers, run full loads of clothes/dishes, water outdoors only when needed, always use a reusable water bottle, pick up litter to keep waterways clean

Take the pledge!

Did you know 70% of Earth is water and only 2.5 % is fresh water? All the water we have is all the water we will ever have. In our area, we rely on the McKenzie river for our drinking water. Water is a precious natural resource that all living things need to survive. It is a first food. Water is life.

Thursday’s Shift: Small shifts,  big impacts.

Thrifty Thursday-Save money and the planet by buying second hand items, hang clothes to dry, choose reusable items, repair instead of replace, eat your leftovers, shower less, say no to things you don’t need, shop local

Take the pledge!

Thrifty: adjective, (of a person or their behavior) using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully. When we have a thrifty mindset, it not only keeps money in our wallets, it helps us reduce, reuse, repair, rethink our consumer choices.

Forest Friday-Get outside and love our planet by walking instead of driving, go plogging, make a tree friend, take a hike, smell the flowers, sit by a river, climb a butte, ride a bike, plant a tree, watch an insect, listen to the birds sing.

Take the pledge! 

In Eugene we are lucky to have multiple areas to wander and be outside in natural spaces. Whether it’s right in your neighborhood or a trail nearby, take a moment to get outside and get to know a tree. Is there a tree in your yard or on your street that you love? A tree you always notice on a hike? A tree you’ve read about, but haven’t visited? Get to know that tree. Lean against its trunk, feel its bark, follow its roots with your eyes, look high into its branches and inhale its gift of oxygen…thank a tree today.

Water Weekend: Did you know 70% of Earth is water and only 2.5 % is fresh water? All the water we have is all the water we will ever have. Water is a precious natural resource that all living things need to survive. It is a first food.  Water is life.  Take some time this weekend to reflect on your personal water usage and ways you may be able to conserve and protect this life giving resource.

Take the pledge! 

FYI: Climate Justice Team “bio” written by high school students and teachers:

The Eugene 4J Climate Justice Team is comprised of high school students, K-12 teachers and support staff across Eugene School District 4J. We are working together for a better future in climate education, to address the issue of climate change for long term impact. This group is dedicated to formalizing climate change education (CCE) across all subject areas and age groups in Eugene 4J and beyond. The team was formed in January 2019 at the first ever 4J Climate Education Summit as a response to the call for action by 4J students and the 4J School Board Climate Resolution of May 2019. Team membership is voluntary and all 4J folx are invited to join and take part in this work.

Enjoy your week-end…and remember, small shifts, make big impacts for our planet.


What do you hope to get out of the class?


Sewing and mending clothes (patching or sewing machine) . Make use of old clothing (stained can be used to tie dye) . 

Budgeting $ , Insurance…, How to recycle and get rid of garbage. , Eating well and health – 

Packing for move/merge – we’ll need to do this for the Connections and CLP buildings to “merge”. , Visit BRING recycle – how make use of reused materials. 

Fix a table/chair – see our kitchen,  Clean the outside – use tools, broom/leaf blower, cleaning in general, 

Planting outside/indoors,

Week 1. 

Plan & calendar -How to fit all of this in: 

Earth day and planting – in 2 weeks

Garbage vs recycle:

Funny – it can be too hard….but try your best 🙂  – app below:

2025 will include changes –

Lane county website:


Rough calendar: 



  Plan & calendar -How to fit all of this in: 

Earth day and planting – in 2 weeks

Garbage vs recycle:

Funny – it can be too hard….but try your best – app below:

Lane county website:

4/15   Clean the outside (gardening/weeding ) + get flowers to plant out front. 

clean the shed/garage – bring recycle to pick up items? 

Garage: Take apart tables, – blow / dust sweep, later pressure wash and clean. Make small steps to practice drywall/tape/mud, paint..

Next events (see below) – 

4/22   Earth day – plant and set up. W Heather. 

Plan for Portland trip

Open House – invite students and parents

5/6 Portland on wed.  Portland train trip – on Wednesday  
5/13   Portland trip? 

Job Fair this Thursday (5/16) – prep with resumes and elevator pitch. 

5/20   Prep for Graduation & set up for (last day activity) 
5/27 No School Memorial day – Friday graduation day? 
6/3 Graduation  GraduationPARTY on Friday (or earlier) – set up and make decorations. 
6/10 Packing and store  summer moving week – no regular class 

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