Connections Student Expectations

We will update this after week one, as students will have input in what expectations we’ll have in classes. 

Agreed upon in first week seminars: 

RESPECT! Various great ideas during discussions first 2 weeks of Connections (see teachers for specifics for each class, as it varies for when you’re in a seminar vs out in the community).  Act maturely and as if you’re representing yourself and wanting to make it a safe & fun learning environment for you and your peers. Below were some of the identified areas on student expectation when in Connections. 

Cellphone – put away and used only if asked to do so by teacher, and on breaks (this is a good habit for when you take College classes or work at jobsite). 

Hand-raise: as directed by teacher (if many students in a class it may be needed, at other times not). 

Breaks/downtime: please excuse yourself at any time to go use the restroom (quietly leave and get back to your seat). And when on lunch break keep voice volume down as teacher/students are often in meetings (and our walls are thin). 

At connections you’re expected to be independent during downtime (e.g. in between classes). You will need to find a place/space in the community to wait between classes. Students can’t “wait around” at Connections building if not participating in classes. 

Participate: Connections is voluntary program, but if you are in class you’re expected to participate the best you can. If you need extra breaks that can be arranged, but please participate when you’re in the class. 

Room clear routines    Announced by teacher and staff only. 

Do not try to intervene – it’s the teachers responsibility to de-escalate the situation. 

If teacher  announces that “we’ll do a room clear”: 

Stand up

Calm body and voice 

No running but move fast

Leave belongings in the classroom – but grab your coat if you can. 

Exit through the door closest (or as directed by teacher).

Keep moving to designated meet up place (parking lot). Do not stand outside and look in window.

Time- if it appears the need to stay out for a longer period of time and the weather is harsh we will walk to the market or go to another location as per teacher direc

Additionally:  we also follow all 4J decided policies, see link (smoking/vaping/weapons/bully etc.):


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