Connections Welcome Letter

Anders Pettersson,  Special Ed Teacher                                                                        May 1, 2023

Eugene 4J School District

2120 Bailey Hill Road

Eugene, Oregon 97405


Dear Students and Families,

Congratulations on almost completing high school!  Now…what will come next?

It can be a challenging time when a young adult completes high school and enters the adult world.  The staff at the 4j Connections Transition Program would like to help you reach your goals during this period of transition.  Connections is one of the transition services offered through the 4j school district and high school graduates with a modified diploma, or GED who have received Special Education Services, are eligible for this program.

Connections is an individualized program designed to support students between the ages of 18-21 in developing and reaching their goals as they move into adulthood. The Connections curriculum focuses on promoting academic, social, vocational and daily living skills needed to be successful in all aspects of life.  As part of our program, we can provide assistance in accessing community services which students may be eligible for.  Instruction takes place in several locations within the community, such as Lane Community College and other local businesses.  Students may take part in small group seminars, volunteering work crews and/or individual advocate sessions designed to support each student’s goals.


We plan to hold two informational meetings this Spring.  (This presentation will be repeated in early September)


Tuesday May 9th  at 6:30pm in person at 2120 Bailey Hill Rd, Eugene, OR 97405 

Wedesday  May 10th 5:00pm via Zoom 

The zoom link will be on our Website.  The link to our website, the Transition Times is below: 


To find out more about our program go to our website and click on the “New Student Info” tab If you have any questions, or have contact information changes, you can contact the teacher below, or ask your current case manager and/or transition specialists at your school.

Thank you, and I’m looking forward to working with you next school year,


Anders Pettersson





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