21 Mar 2019

Level up is closed till 2pm!

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Since level up does not open till 2pm we will play a few rounds of bingo in room 308 till 1:30pm.  There will be cash prizes!  Make sure you bring your bus pass and you can still choose to meet at 1:30 in room 308 and take the city bus with us or you can meet us at emerald lanes at 2pm.  If students wish, we can still go to level up once we return to downtown at 3:20pm.

20 Mar 2019

Enjoy your Spring Break!

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No school on Friday March 22nd because of grading day. Spring term begins Monday April 1st. No joke…seriously!

Hope to see you tomorrow for Level Up arcade and Bowling at Emerald Lanes. Please see post below for details.

Spring begins today because of the Vernal Equinox which means the days and night are equal in length.

What are your plans for Spring break? 

Spring Riddle:  I am a bow that can’t be tied.  What am I?

18 Mar 2019

Thursday afternoon is Arcade and Bowling!

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Classes on Thursday afternoon are not happening as scheduled! Instead we will have fun by going to the arcade and go bowling! You can meet us for all or part of the afternoon, please let us know what you intend to do.

12:30 meeting at LCC DT room 308 at

1:00pm we will walk to Level Up and stay there for 30 minutes. You may purchase some food and bring money if you want to play their arcade games.

1:30pm we will walk to the bus station

1:40pm Take bus #67 at Bay P to Emerald Lanes

1:55pm Arrive at Emerald Lanes near Oakway Plaza

2:00pm-3pm Bowl your heart out 🙂

3:10pm take the #12 or #66 at Oakway towards Downtown

You may leave after that if you are independent on the bus or wait in room 308 at Downtown LCC till the school bus arrives at 4:00pm.

There is a new 4j/Connections calendar because of the days missed due to snow.  Please check the link above to make sure you know what the changes are or see the revised 4j Calendar.  We do have classes this Thursday and Friday.

The new Connection Spring 19 schedule is ready on Friday morning.  Please schedule with you case manager or advocate as soon as possible over the next week.

Next Thursday March 21 morning classes are taking place as scheduled, but in the afternoon we will be having our Community fun day in downtown Eugene.  We will be meeting at LCC Downtown room 308 at 12:30pm to go to Level Up arcade (bring your own money for games or food) and then another super fun activity to be announced.  

Remember next Friday March 22nd is no school due to progress reports. Then enjoy Spring Break March 25th -29th.  Classes resume April 1st – no joke!

Wow!  The amount of snow we experienced was amazing.  Hope everyone was able to stay warm and safe.  Tonight the School Board is voting to change the 4j calendar and the Connections calendar to make up the missed school days.  Please make sure you check the calendar link above to see the changes.  

Hope everyone was successful with their February challenge goals!

This Thursday and Friday there is a Statewide Transition Conference taking place in downtown Eugene.  Anders, Jasmin and Lori will be attending and various students will participate at prearranged times.  Birdie will be subbing and classes are taking place as scheduled.


Anders and our former student Kyle M will be part of the Dreams Without Limits photo Exhibit this Friday in Springfield starting at 5:30pm!  Check it out and support this project.  Click on the picture the see the details.

4 Mar 2019

Visit to Radio Station:

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Bus trip for Tuesday 5th will be a visit KRVM  (Keeping Real Variety in Music) radio station , located behind Sheldon High School. 

Bus 67 to Sheldon @ 12:57  , or 1:17

Back bus 66 @ 2:24

28 Feb 2019

Update! 4j – No school Thursday

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On Thursday, February 28th Connections will be open as of 12:00pm but Lane Community College Main campus and Downtown are closed.  The school busses will not reroute to building 2120 due to safety concerns.  Students can arrive to building 2120 by city bus (on a Sunday schedule) or other methods of transport.  Stay safe!

27 Feb 2019

Another Snow Day – No School Wednesday 2/26

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Transition night is also postponed to a later date.  Stay Safe!

26 Feb 2019

Connections Closed due to snow – Tuesday February 26

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