17 Nov 2017

Thanksgiving Special Double Week Post!

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We won’t have Connections or Lane Community College classes on Thursday 11/23 and Friday 11/24.  Remember to give thanks for what you are grateful for, and make sure to have lots of turkey and pumpkin pie.


WHEN:  Thursday, November 23rd  2017

WHERE:  Whiteaker Community Head Start Center  —  21 North Grand Avenue, Eugene

TIME:  Dinner 11 to 3pm      Give-Aways 8 to 2pm

This is much more than a free dinner. It is a day of community warmth and sharing. It is a day our community comes together to share respect and support for each other. 

3 Nov 2017

Veterans Day – No School On Friday 11/10/17

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Mark Your Planners! We will have no school on Friday, November 10 in observance of Veterans Day. All 4J schools and Lane Community College are closed on November 10.  What will you do with your three day weekend?

Lane County Veterans Day Parade in Springfield
  • Nov. 11, 1:30 p.m.
  • Admission: Free
  • Parade starts at 21st and Olympic in Springfield
  • vetsdayparade.org
27 Oct 2017

Flu season is upon us!

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You’ve been warned! The flu season is here, and it is time that everyone protects him or herself from the flu (and other illnesses)! Please follow these steps:

Make sure you wash your hands and use hand sanitizer often, especially when you are entering or leaving public buildings and bathrooms.

Cover your cough with your elbow (not your hands).

If you are feeling sick, Please stay home. Get rest, feel better, and come back to Connections when you are 100% healthy! If you do stay home, please make sure that you call the staff who is teaching your class/advocate/work crew! Be responsible, always call when you are absent or late!

Get a Flu Shot! The flu shot will keep you healthy against many common flu strands this season! Ask your advocate where you can get a flu shot!

20 Oct 2017

Connections challenge: be prepared!

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Right now, we are about to begin our 6th week of the Fall Term. Wow, 6th week, time sure flies when we are having fun! You know what to expect from all your seminars. You know what to expect when you attend Advocate. Be Prepared for your seminars and advocates. Make sure you bring your 3-ring binder, a pencil or a pen and last week’s classwork. Make sure you have completed the away work. Make sure you are ready to participate in class!

Be prepared for your future! It is not too late to join ABSE/GED at Lane Community College! If you are interested in participating in ABSE program fall term (and are not currently attending ABSE), please attend the mid term orientation October 23 and 24 at the LCC Downtown Campus. If you have any questions, please tell your case manager.

Be prepared for the weather! The fall season has officially arrived, and the weather seems to be fairly unpredictable. Be prepared for frequent rain, overcast skies and cooler temperature. Many of our seminars (e.g. Map It!, Smart Shopping, and Guy’s Group) take place outside. Bring a raincoat, waterproof shoes and clothes that will keep you warm even if you get wet!

Be prepared for your morning commute. You now know the bus route to the Transition Building and Downtown LCC. Give yourself enough time in the morning in order to catch the bus that will get you to class on time! Get to that bus stop early to make sure you don’t miss your bus!

Be prepared for your day! Make sure you get enough sleep at night. Make sure you eat breakfast and pack a lunch. And make sure you have your LTD bus pass, you don’t want to be without it if you need it!

We have a full week this week, and it is going to be amazing! See you at the Transition Building, on Main Campus or at Downtown LCC!

12 Oct 2017

SPROUT film festival on Thursday 10/19!

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On Thursday 10/19 Connections morning seminars will be cancelled due to a field trip to Lane Community College Main Campus to see the Sprout Film Festival. Lori’s advocates will be taking place as scheduled. We have reserved enough tickets for students.  Make sure you bring your bus pass or fare. We will be meeting at Lane Community College Downtown Lobby at 9:00am and traveling by the 9:20am bus #82 from Downtown Station bay I to Main Campus arriving 9:40am. You can go directly to Main Campus and meet the group at 9:45am at the clock tower bus stop. Please bring a sack lunch or bring money to purchase lunch from the cafeteria.  The group will take a tour of Lane Community College Campus.  We will be returning Downtown by 2:20pm.  If you do not want to attend the film festival please let your case manager know.  Afternoon classes (except for Map it!) will take place as scheduled.  

10 Oct 2017

Connections Classes in Room 310 for Tuesday 10/10

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9 Oct 2017

Schedule for Tuesday 10/10

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We do not have room 308 at Downtown LCC tomorrow, Tuesday 10/10.  Advocates will take place in the usual meeting places. The following changes will take place:

Street Law 10:00am will take place in the Downtown Library 2nd floor meeting room. 

Moving In 11:00am will meet in the 3rd floor lobby of Downtown LCC.

Map It! at 12:30 will take place in the Downtown Library 2nd floor meeting room. 

Healthy Relationships will take place in the Downtown Library 2nd floor meeting room. 

6 Oct 2017

Important Schedule Changes for Next Week

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Next week we have some schedule changes at Connections and Lane Community College.

Tuesday 10/10/17 We do not have room 308 available to us and will be moving classes to the Downtown Library 2nd floor study room. Please check the Transition Times website Monday afternoon to verify the location of classes.

Friday 10/13/17 Connections classes are not in sessionLane Community College Classes are in session.



National Savings Day sets aside October 12 to recognize those who value the act of saving and to provide simple steps to show getting started isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

Simple Steps to Save Money

  1. Plan on saving money 
  2. Pick the right tools
  3. Choose something to save for 
  4. Make saving automatic 
  5. Check library before buying new media
  6. Make a budget 
29 Sep 2017

New and improved School Store Opens this Wednesday

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On October 4th the new and improved school store will offer new snacks and drinks to students such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Frozen pizza and other new snacks will also be available as well. The new school store’s hours will be from 11:55 a.m to 12:25 p.m. 

Please make sure you have a valid Connections LTD bus pass, even if you do not ride the bus every day.  Many Connections seminars take place in the community and often these seminars ride LTD bus.  Always bring your bus pass to school,  you never know when you’ll need it!  If you do not have a Connections Bus pass, please make an appointment with Heather to get one!   Heather’s phone number is (541) 954-3162.

22 Sep 2017

LCC and ABSE Classes Begin Monday 9/25/17

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We had an amazing first week in Connections! Attendance was phenomenal, student participation was amazing, and we can already see progress being made!  Remember, you are responsible for your schedule.  Please make sure you know the location and times of each class.  Most seminars on Monday, Wednesday and Friday take place in Building 2120.  Most seminars on Tuesday and Thursday take place at LCC Downtown Center.

Your attendance is very important to us.  However, we do understand that sometimes you might need to be absent from class.  You might become ill, have a doctor’s appointment, have a circumstance where you might be out of town, or be abducted by aliens.  If you are late or absent, please contact the Connections Staff who is teaching your class.   Do not send a message with a friend to tell us, we need to hear from you directly.  Below are the phone numbers you need to know:

Anders: (541) 912-3618    Jasmin (541) 954-7133  Lori (541) 915-8493

Heather (541) 954-3162   Amy: (541) 953-8768

If you need to make adjustments to your Connections schedule or you have changes to your LCC schedule, please contact your case manager and let them know.