Job Club

Job Club

OCT. 23rd – NO SCHOOL!!


Week 2 (Oct 16th)

1. Continue with resume building. 

Have you had someone look at your resume and give you feedback? It is important to work on your resume often and make updates to it.

Also , do you have at least 2 letters of rec, and at least 2 references? (These should ideally NOT be a family member). Why do you think this is important? 

Send to :


2. We’re now starting to work on SOFT SKILLS.

Why is it called SOFT skills? Why are they important? Can you think of another word/terminology to explain “soft skills”?

Watch videos 1, 2 , 3 and while watching think of the following questions: how we can improve on these scenarios? Have you experienced being in a similar situation?

Video #1. Communication

Video #2. Enthusiasm and attitude

Video #3. Team work

Hint – these are all qualities that will fit well into your resume. Do you have these “SOFT” skills in your resume?

Please keep sending drafts of your resume to Anders and remember there is no class next Friday. (But please keep working on your resume). 


Job Club Class

Week 1

 What do you hope to get out of the class? What do you want to work on? Some topics that we’ll cover:

Student Answers:

talking and not talking to much on who ever is asking me

How to work with other people.

how to talk to your employer about the accommodations you need to be successful at whatever job you’ll have.
Workplace behavior for maybe someone applying for a job or is just starting out in a job and doesn’t know the best behavior needed in a job place.?
What is important information to put on a job application and share with the employer and isn’t important.

interview expectations would be good to go over 

To cover: resume, assessment (what do I like), reality check (are there likely jobs), job search, apply for job, prepare for job, job interview, connect with OVRS,


Qstns: Do you have a resume? When was the last time you worked on it/updated it? Have you had anyone give you feedback on your resume? Is it in a google doc or some format that you can easily edit/ share with other people.? 

Examples: “The traditional”, “The video resume”, “The anime”, 



Jim-Bob Anderson

123 Angel Blvd    




●      Dependable

●      On time

●      Hard working

●      Efficient

●      Team player

●      Willing to learn new things


Hult Center / Food Service set –up, volunteer


School Grounds, School Based Coffee Shop, Barista/Customer Service

2018 – 2019

●      Preparing hot and cold beverages

●      Delivery of beverages

●      Merchandising, handling cash transactions

●      Taking inventory

NextStep Recycling, Volunteer

2018 – 2019

●      Dismantling electronics

●      Organizing/ categorizing donations

Food For Lane County, Warehouse Volunteer


●      Processed food donations

●      Organizing/ categorizing donations

Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts, Volunteer


●      Customer service

●      Merchandising

●      Pricing

●      Organizing/ categorizing donations


Churchill High School, Eugene, OR

●      Student of the Month, December 2018

●      Golf Team Member, Spring 2016

●      Graduating Spring 2019


Anders Pettersson – Teacher 4j       541-912-3618


anime resume



Video resume



  • Homework:

* Create a resume or update your already existing one (you can copy the “Jim Bob Anderson” if you don’t have a template already.)

* Make sure it’s in a google doc. so you can share with teacher / future employer.

* Share the google doc. with Anders   ( 

* HINT: Do you have anything listed from March – September 2020?  Please add something you’ve worked on during this time period. Remember “big time gaps” in a resume is not a good thing.

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