The Hidden Rules of Eating In Class

imgres-1Yes, we do have a rule that you are allowed to eat smaller snacks in class… However, there are some hidden rules about when it is a good time to eat.  Let’s just state these hidden rules!

  1. Some classes take place in the blue or green room and consist mostly of discussion.  It is likely that it is OK to eat during these classes.  Remember, if you choose to eat during these classes, you are still expected to participate in all class activities (discussion, written work, etc).  If you have trouble multitasking (studies show that most humans are unable to multitask), it might not be in your best interest to eat during class.
  2. If you do choose to eat during class, you must eat quietly.  Please refrain from loud chewing, noisemaking and burping during class.  If drinking soda makes you burp, please do not drink soda during class.
  3. If the class is going to be using the computer or iPad, it is not OK to eat during that time.
  4. Some components of class will involve a playing a game, role playing, or physical activity.  If your class is doing an activity where you are not sitting at your desk, it is not OK to eat during that time.
  5. It is never OK to eat during a work experience class or any other classes that have activities that place in the community.
  6. If you ever have questions if it is OK to eat or not, ask the staff that is teaching the class.

Remember, all students have a 30-40 minute lunch in between classes each day.  You will have ample time to eat your food during your lunch break when you are not in class!  You do not need to eat your lunch during class.  If you are hungry during class time, it might be in your best interest to eat a snack instead of your entire lunch.

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