Plan An Event

Spring term -24

Busy times: what do you hope to get out of the class

Ideas we “need” to cover :

 dance/social, – done 

transition fair (poster)/ open house, how to explain our new program

 job fair(s), 

Earth day – plants


Visit and get to know CLP staff and students  & Visit jobsites. 

Bowling activity…pizza


Game day at Connections – invite CLP


LCC Job fair – Our 2024 Job Fair is on Thursday, May 16 from 1-4 p.m.

Rough calendar outline below: 



Dance – Done

Now calendar the future

Plan & calendar -How to fit all of this in: 

Best buddies – see email link


4/15 Calendar-  Next events (see below)
4/22   Earth day – plant and set up. 

Plan for Portland trip

Open House – invite students and parents

5/6 Portland Portland train trip – on Wednesday  
5/13   Portland trip? 

Job Fair this Thursday (5/16) – prep with resumes and elevator pitch. 

5/20   Prep for Graduation & set up for (last day activity) 
5/27 No School Memorial day – Friday graduation day? 
6/3 Graduation 6/7 GraduationPARTY on Friday June 7th 12:30-2:00
6/10 Packing and store  summer moving week – no regular class 









Previous term: 

Last class – did you select your schedule yet? 

Calendar: Spring break, then we start on April 2nd. 

This Friday (3/22)  – Bowl and Pizza!!

Timeline: Bowl and Emerald lanes @ 11:15ish, Papas Pizza at 12:45ish. No Cost! 

Will you need pick up from downtown / meet at Bowling alley? 

Fun event over spring break:

DANCE – Friday after Spring break (April 5th)! Springfield social: Only event offered for the the morning. 10:30-12:30. Afternoon will be regular schedule w hiking-class. 

No morning classes and we’ll take the Activity van out there. Who wants to go? Nothing else is offered at the building this morning. 



Review of our event – money made -over $500 including donations. 

Plan for last day of term – pizza and bowling, make the phone- calls and create the schedule. Think Budget $. 





PIZZA fundraiser – Grab print-outs and make sure you have talked to, and shared these with fam/friends/neighbours… Do you have pitch/ spiel you say? 

End of the term: (3/22 – we typically do the bowling & pizza – can we have a brave volunteer to call in and make a reservation for bowling alley again?) Please do this – I suggest the same time and place as for Winter (Friday March 22nd  at 11:30-ish at Emerald Lanes, then Pizza at Papas on Coburg around 12:30-ish)

Plan for this FRIDAY (3/8) – is it on for the D&D or shall we make the board-games be the focus? We’ll make some nice treats/snacks – mug cakes has been requested.

Snack for this Friday: Mug-cake recipe from Fall term (I think this was the most preferred one – see below).


Added – pack up books and make room in the “library room”  . Also, EMERGENCY-preparedness. We will revisit this in other classes also, but please start thinking about this ASAP (video below funny but true).

And End of the term activity is getting closer also.

Ideas: Bowling/pizza/…Round1, LaserTag/MiniGolf, Videogame-day, go to the movies, 

Visit to affordable / supported housing – (Mainstream & SLLEA) 

FOCUS: D&D (and boardgames) day, 

Monopoly, RISK, Game of LIFE, Clue, Checkers / Chess, 





Lets lock in the fundraiser day & time for Papas Pizza!! (we’re approved from admin 🙂 )

Zach called and got it reserved for March 11th !! Nicely done!!

D&D – set up for 8 players max. Time: 3 hours (start 12:30 start – 3:45 at the latest). 

Raven has created the invite form – Soon to be shared w students. 

The campaign is done – Super smash !! Characters are developed and ready: Hand out to students prior to event so students are prepared. 

* Mario, Yoshi, Link, Sonic, Samus, Kirby, Pikachu, MegaMan, …..


Food: snacks – pretzels, dip sauce, melted chocolate, ….mug-cakes, brownies, –

Drink: juice, sparkling water, strawberry lemonade….


Alternate activity? : – Board games – 



Ideas for future events: D&D, Fundraiser -Papas Pizza, Last day of term. 

FUNDRAISER – aim for a Monday 

2/23 –

3/1 – D&D? —–

3/8 – D&D? Raven will DM and make pizza. 

3/15 – Conference? 

3/22 Last day outing


2/14 Valentines 

Decorate  cookies. 


Review – How did it go with our video-game & Taco party? 

What can we do better? 

List this out….


Next event

Plan for Valentines day ? Activity? Decorate Cookies – (heart shaped)

Papas Pizza fundraiser..? YES!!!  We’ll – have an event at the COBURG location sometime early March.  Funds will be used for a Portland trip 🙂


Plan- make trip to Portland to OMSI , or ZOO. 



Reminder of Best Buddies program. See flyer in hallway!

Prep for the Friday event (video game day).

Test run of electronics. 

Assign tasks for Friday: 

Timeline & person responsible. – this still OK?

time location what to do person responsible
11:15 Kitchen Cook meat Heather – james
11:15 Kitchen Prep veggies Nadia



11:45 Kitchen  decorate , table cloth, napkins, festive ornament, banner, 

Music – 

Owen, Sonja
11:55 Kitchen Speech MC – timeline and expectations (and popcorn break) Sonja,  Nadia
12:30 classroom start video game action Owen, Sonja
2:00 kitchen snack & drink Nadia, James
3:40 Classroom


End activity & clean up Nadia – food

Owen&Sonja -tech & clean up


1/17 cancelled – snowday


Shopping list: 

Taco Bar: 

Ground Beef ___ lbs 

Taco shells/soft____

Shredded Cheese (Mexican Blend)___

Lettuce __

Bell Pepper____


Sour Cream____


Hot sauce/ jalapeños / ____

Cheese dip (Tostitos) ____

Drinks_____(sparkling / cider) 

Avocados______ (make a quack) 





What do you hope to get out of the class? 

Calendar- look at “events” that are already happening… St Patricks, Valentines… when and shall we do something for these days..? 

What activities do we want to do this term? 

1st activity: Video Game day –

Date: Jan 19th (Friday) 


Activity: Video Game – 

Lunch:   PopCorn, Nachos, (chips, cheese, beans, salsa, sour cream, olives, ground beef, avocado, GUACK, 

Drinks: cider/ sparkling water, 


Who’s responsible: 

Invitation, –  


shopping list, 


Set up, 



time location what to do person responsible
11:30 Kitchen Cook meat Heather – james
11:30 Kitchen Prep veggies Nadia



11:45 Kitchen  decorate , table cloth, napkins, festive ornament, banner, 

Music – 

Owen, Sonja
11:55 Kitchen Speech MC – timeline and expectations (and popcorn break) Sonja,  Nadia
12:30 classroom start video game action Owen, Sonja

To be continued: ….. break for snacks, Thank peeps for coming & playing, Clean up



Plan for the Bowling outing – make a script for the phonecall to bowling alley & Pizza. 

See info below from our last class. Also, shall we organize a gift exchange game (white elephant…). 

  1. “Hi, my name is [__________], and I’d like to make a reservation for bowling.”
  2. on Friday December 15th at around 11:30 . 
  3. . “We have about 16 people in our group,” also, do you give any discounts for school groups? (we are part of 4J)
  4. Confirm Details: Repeat the details of your reservation to make sure there are no misunderstandings. “Just to confirm, we’re reserved for [Date] at [Time] for [Number] people, right?”
  1. Contact Information:  541-912-3618.
  2. Thank Them and Confirm:


Review of Friendsgiving

+: good interactions, food was delicious, guest and good turnout, decorations and music, social and playing games, clean up and leftovers sent home, budget – we kept within. 

-: a bit too much on electronics, 

Next event: what and when?  Friday 15th

Action– How many students will attend? 

Call bowling alley on Friday 1st to see about availability. (George and Owen) .


Bowling vs Video-game-day. 

Bowling: out in community, active, cost is OK, 

Video-game-day: in house, Owen has all the electronics, we can cook at Connections – ,  minus – is the CLEAN UP, especially at end of the year. 

Call Bowling alley: 

Hi my name is ______

We are group of students from 4J Conenctions – we would like to see if there’s a possibility of making a reservation for us to come and bowl on 

Simple as bowling a strike! Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Find the Bowling Alley: Look up the bowling alley’s phone number. You can find it on their website, through an online search, or even on social media.
  2. Call the Bowling Alley: Dial the number and wait for someone to answer. It’s usually the front desk or someone in charge of reservations.
  3. Introduce Yourself: Start the conversation by introducing yourself. “Hi, my name is [Your Name], and I’d like to make a reservation for bowling.”
  4. Specify Date and Time: Let them know the date and time you’re interested in for your bowling session. For example, “I’d like to reserve a lane for [Date] at [Time].”
  5. Provide Group Details: Inform them about the number of people in your group or the number of lanes you’d like to reserve. “We have [Number] people in our group,” or “I’d like to reserve two lanes for [Number] people.”
  6. Ask About Amenities or Special Requests: If you have any specific requests or need additional services (like shoe rentals or party arrangements), inquire about them now.
  7. Confirm Details: Repeat the details of your reservation to make sure there are no misunderstandings. “Just to confirm, we’re reserved for [Date] at [Time] for [Number] people, right?”
  8. Provide Contact Information: They might ask for your contact information in case they need to reach you. Be ready to provide your phone number or email.
  9. Ask About Cancellation Policy: It’s good to know about their cancellation policy, just in case something comes up.
  10. Thank Them and Confirm: Express gratitude and confirm the reservation once more before ending the call. “Thank you so much! We’re looking forward to it.”



Notes from last week:

Create the time line & person responsible for: decorate, table set up, eat, activity (movie) and clean up. 

Adjust this – and add as needed. (we’re a bigger group and can share responsibilities). 

Time Activity Location  Who’s responsibility 
__am …  Kitchen … + (Heather) (Kwasi)
__am Kitchen … + (Anders)
12:30pm Kitchen … + (Heather)
1:00pm Kitchen … + (Heather)
1:15pm Movie Entertainment  Green/Blue Room
3:15pm Bingo?  Blue Room
3:40pm Cleaning Time Kitchen, Green Room, and Blue Room

Cooking timeline: 


Halloween Party timeline Fall-23

Time Activity Location  Who’s responsibility 
11:00am Cooking  Kitchen Nadia + (Heather) (Kwasi)
12:30pm Pumpkin Carving Kitchen Owen + (Anders)
12:30pm Caramel Apples Kitchen Nadia + (Heather)
1:00pm Decorate Cookies Kitchen Nadia + (Heather)
1:15pm Movie Entertainment  Green/Blue Room Owen
3:15pm Bingo Blue Room Heather
3:40pm Cleaning Time Kitchen, Green Room, and Blue Room Nadia


Calendar: Halloween, Friends giving, LCC tour, No school days…

Plan for Halloween. Create shopping list!

Shopping list Halloween (Friday)

Hotdogs, crescent rolls, Eggs, Mayo , Apples, Caramel, Popcorn, Cookies (to decorate), frosting … gummyworms … jello (red) to look like a brain , 

 Drinks……V8, juice (apple, orange,), Apple cider,  

Remove decorations in the School-store (school store crew will put it back up on the walls) 

What do we need?   Movie ideas… food and 

Hubie Halloween, ET, Nightmare Before Christmas, 


Friday Event 10/6

Week 4     10/4

Calendar: new dates for Friendsgiving , and LCC main campus tour, 

Any RSVP’s? …..

TIME CHANGE Fridays are now 1 hour longer. 

Looks like it’s gonna be a sunny day on Friday…..Games to do? Snacks to serve? BBQ? Rotation of activities (time to change it up)? 

Select the games. Frisbee, crocket, boardgames… how many people will be here.?

List of snacks: popcorn, lemonade, …

Week 3. 9/27

TALK ABOUT TIMELY INVITATION!!! -see flyer from Springfield prog. Spring Dance!!

Plan an event is not always a “party” we have in the past had the opportunity to go to a Manufacturing tour…, JOB fair,  And we have the opportunity to go to LCC and learn about the various programs offered (mechanic, engine, culinary….) . More info to follow  –  but these are awesome EVENTS that we’d need to make A PLAN for if we want to attend and please share with me or other staff if you hear about anything so we can make the plan to attend.

Dates to party in the future: OCT.  6th    — We’ll have our GAME DAY & Party for “Belated Birthdays”. What do we need to complete from our list? 

OCT 27th – Halloween Party   ????? – TBD….still waiting for email if “we’re invited”. 

Let’s plan for food/drink and other things we need. Shopping class on Monday…. 

See the list below – what do we need to complete. 

Date: 10/6



Theme/what will we do:………

Responsibilities : planning & budget, Buy food, set up – decorate, music,……clean up. 

Start planning out “GAME DAY” event for OCT 6th.


Week 2. 

Visit: Friday at lunch – Jasmin. 

Community opportunities: Best Buddies

Events this term: 10/4 Ice Cream Social – We will have a little ice cream bar and some games for everyone to play and enjoy. This will be a great opportunity for everyone to get a chance to know each other and make some new friends! (Most likely will be outside) 10/18 Game Night – Weather dependent, we will have lawn games on the lawn, but if it rains we will have board games inside! 11/1 Halloween Event – We will have halloween themed games, and some spooky decorations. Feel free to wear a costume! 11/15 Bingo Night

Week 1. 

Go over expectations: how will we interact w each-other? 

What do you hope to get out of the class? 

Practical things to consider: Budget $, Look at Calendar – When can we meet and have fun (some other classes may need to be canceled).

CHAT GTP – DEFINITION (Small group event at school setting)

Planning an event for a small group at a school can be a fun and rewarding experience. Whether it’s a club meeting, a fundraiser, a workshop, or a social gathering, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you plan a successful event:

  • Define Your Purpose and Goals:
    • Determine the purpose of the event. What is the event’s main objective? Is it to educate, raise funds, build community, or achieve something else?
    • Set specific, measurable goals to track your progress and success.
  • Create a Planning Committee:
    • Recruit a small team of students, teachers, or parents who are interested in helping plan and execute the event. Assign roles and responsibilities.
  • Choose a Date and Time:
    • Consider school calendars, holidays, and other school events when selecting a date and time.
    • Ensure the timing is convenient for your target audience.
  • Budgeting:
    • Estimate the costs associated with the event, including venue rental, decorations, supplies, and any other expenses.
    • Determine how you will fund the event, whether through ticket sales, donations, or fundraising activities.
  • Select a Venue:
    • Choose a suitable location within the school, such as a classroom, gym, cafeteria, or outdoor space.
    • Ensure the venue can accommodate your expected group size comfortably.
  • Plan the Program:
    • Develop an agenda or program schedule. Include the event’s key activities, speakers, or entertainment.
    • Allocate time for registration, breaks, and Q&A sessions if applicable.
  • Promote the Event:
    • Create promotional materials like flyers, posters, and digital announcements.
    • Use school communication channels, such as bulletin boards, social media, email newsletters, and announcements over the PA system, to spread the word.
  • Register Participants:
    • Set up a registration process, either online or in person, to track attendance and gather necessary information from participants.
  • Prepare Materials and Logistics:
    • Arrange for any necessary equipment, like projectors, microphones, tables, and chairs.
    • Ensure you have all materials required for the event, such as handouts, name tags, and presentation slides.
  • Coordinate Volunteers:
    • If you need additional help on the day of the event, recruit volunteers to assist with tasks like registration, setup, and cleanup.
  • Execute the Event:
    • Arrive early to set up the venue and test equipment.
    • Follow the schedule closely to keep the event running smoothly.
    • Address any unexpected issues calmly and efficiently.
  • Collect Feedback:
    • After the event, seek feedback from participants and committee members to evaluate its success and identify areas for improvement.
  • Thank Participants and Volunteers:
    • Send thank-you notes or emails to participants, speakers, volunteers, and sponsors to show appreciation for their support.
  • Evaluate and Reflect:
    • Review the event’s financial and operational aspects.
    • Reflect on what worked well and what could be improved for future events.
  • Document the Event:
    • Take photos and videos to document the event, which can be used for future promotion and memories.

By following these steps and working with your planning committee, you can organize a successful event for a small group at your school. Adapt these guidelines to suit the specific needs and goals of your event.

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