Student Classroom Participation Expectations

IMG_2916One last reminder:  Get ready to Mix It Up at the Mix It Up Assembly on Tuesday.  Free Pizza, what more could you want?  The Mix It Up Assembly is from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm on Tuesday, March 13, and it will be legendary!

We have now hit the middle of May… I can’t believe that time is going by so fast!  Next thing you know it will be Memorial Day (No School Monday, May 26)!  Then it will be our Moving On Ceremony (Moving On Will Take place on Tuesday, June 10 at the Campbell Center)!

Yes, we are getting close to the end of school, you all have been doing a great job in class.  Here are some reminders for when you participate in class:

Participate, don’t dominate:

–       Stay on topic

–        Keep comments and questions brief (about 5 seconds or less)

–       Let other people participate (let other people answer questions first)


When you are given feedback:

–       Listen

–       Try to do what is asked

–       Take a break if you get frustrated


When problems happen:

–       When you are asked by an adult to leave a room, leave

–       Take space and get calm

–       Complete a problem solving sheet if you are asked to leave

–       Problem solve with an adult once you are finished


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