Friday Fun

6/7 Friday FUN  (End of the year) 

We plan to meet for lunch at Papas at 12:30pm (Coburg site) and then depending on interest go to Bowl at Emerald Lanes at 1:30pm.

Please RSVP to Kelli if you plan on going. 541-953-8768

Last week

June 10-12: Clean up and packing up at Bldg. 2120, (please see advocate for classes offered and  activities being planned). 

June 13 &14: No school

Summer Break till September   🙂

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Moving on – Graduation

Friday , May 31st at 12:30

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BBQ at Connections (soon to be CTP)

Friday 10:30-12:30 will be social time and “get-to-know-each-other” at 2120 Bailey Hill bldg. 




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Tour Creative Currents

Tuesday at 1:00pm (Get out DOWNTOWN class) . 

We’ll get a tour of the 4j art/media/design program downtown. It is called creative currents – see website:


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JOB FAIR on Thursday 1-4pm

If you are interested in paid work $$,  this is a great opportunity for you!!!

We’ll go as a group (leaving downtown station at 12:50).

Please contact your advocate or teacher if you have any questions, need help with printing resumes etc.

Also, remember to dress/look/act professional,  and practice the 30 sec/elevator speech.

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ZOOM link for info Night

Time: May 6, 2024 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 942 2480 7944
Passcode: 500091

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Train Trip Info May 8th, 7:30am



Spring Amtrak/ Portland/ ZOO/OMSI- Trip – May 8,  2024


Dear Student/Parent and/or Guardian,

We are excited about and gearing up for our May 8th Amtrak/ Portland/ Zoo trip.  We are requesting that each person carry only a backpack or daypack (no duffel bags, please). 


Each student is responsible for his/her own transportation to and from the Amtrak Station in Eugene. Students need to arrive at Amtrak by 7:30 a.m., and they need to check-in with their staff. On the way back to Eugene, students can call home to let their rides know when the train is scheduled to arrive back in Eugene. They can use their own or staff cell phones. If all goes as planned, students will need to be picked up at the Eugene Amtrak station around 8:00 pm.


If your child will need medications during the day please let a staff know ASAP and make sure to bring medications in original prescription bottles. Any and all medications must be checked in with the student’s advocate upon arrival at the Amtrak station, including over the counter medications. Students will be part of a group and with an assigned staff member throughout the day.


Note: It is important to know that if your child is having difficulties when on the bus/train or at locations in Portland, you are expected to be able to do an emergency pick-up. There are many variables with the unfamiliar environments that we cannot control and if you think these may be triggers for your child, we suggest you consider not having your child join this field-trip activity.


Some triggers from past years have been:

  We will be riding a train to Portland this year as the

  Other school classes with very young, very loud, children on the train (at times sharing a car with us) and also at OMSI.

  Service dogs on the train or on bus in Portland.

  Dogs and homeless persons being loud when we are transitioning/walking/waiting for a bus in Portland.

  Loud animal noises when at the Zoo (barking/roaring/growling)

  Loud speakers inside Portland train station (where we wait for about 1 hour).

  Having been “stuck” on the Amtrak train due to delays. (If everything goes perfect we will be back in Eugene at 8:00 pm, which is a very long day for many of our students).

  A lot of walking (especially at the Zoo), and some transfers from city bus to city bus requires walking a few blocks.

  Sitting or standing, if no seating is available, on a “packed” bus next to strangers for long durations.

  Students will be assigned staff persons (this may not be their preferred staff person… we do our best).


 The cost for Amtrak and Trimet and Zoo/Omsi is 0$.= Free as a result of our awesome fundraiser.  


Some important items to consider bringing are:

  1. Sunscreen and/or a hat with a visor and sunglasses
  2. Water bottle and/or juice to drink
  3. Cell phones
  4. Packed sack lunch and/or snacks – NO PEANUTS
  5. Money for souvenirs and/or lunch/snacks
  6. A light jacket or sweater
  7. Rain gear and/or umbrella
  8. Comfortable walking shoes with a closed toe and heel.


We will be eating lunch at the Zoo or OMSI. Food can be purchased there if students choose not to bring a lunch from home. BUT, we recommend bringing food, as the “zoo food” has not received great reviews.  At dinnertime, we will be at the train station. Students will be given several options for purchasing their dinner in or near the station. Again, students will bring own money for this expense. 


 Our itinerary for the day is as follows:    

7:30 AMMeet at Amtrak Station

         7:40 Board Train

7:45 AM–Departure on Amtrak for Portland  (Train # 504)

         10:20 AM–Arrive in Portland

         10:30-11:00 AM–Walk to Tri-Met bus stop

         11:00-11:30 AM–Take Tri-Met to Portland Zoo/OMSI (approximately 20 minute ride)

         11:30-3:00 PM—Zoo/OMSI


         3:00  PM–Meet at Zoo/OMSI entrance

         3:15-3:30  PM–Tri-Met back to downtown Portland

         3:30-4:00  PM–Walk to Amtrak Station

         4:50  PM–Board Amtrak BUS 

         5:00  PM–Depart for Eugene  (BUS # 5547)

 7:55  PM–Arrive at Eugene Amtrak Station (approximately)


Students will be encouraged to call their rides before we arrive to Eugene. They will have access to staff cell phones if needed. Any Questions? Call Anders 541-912-3618.


NOTE: If your child is not attending the trip, note that there will be no Connections or jobsite, and hence your child will need to find alternative activities for this day.

PRACTICAL QUESTION – to be shared with teacher or advocate via email/text: 

How to get to the train station & how to get picked up? – 7:30am (train departs 7:45) , and 8pm pick up at the Eugene Amtrak Station . 

Medication: anything that must be given during the day? Also, please share any medication taken with the teacher/advocate for us to have in case of emergency. 

Contact info/emergency : Please have updated contact info for care provider (name and phone number).

Lunch and snack/souvenir money  $: Students need to bring their own money for this. 


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Earth Day

See activities under the Monday – Adulting class. 

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Guest speaker – Friday

We’ll have a guest speaker from Allies coming in Friday morning. It’ll be a great opportunity to learn about events going/clubs in our community.

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Duck Spring Game – Saturday April 27

Fun Event (FREEEEE)!

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