Student Lounge Expectations

The Connections Student Lounge is designed to be a space where Connections students can wait for their class to begin.  Please remember the following facts as you use the lounge.

1. The Student Lounge is for quiet activity.  You may read, play video games with headphones, listen to music with headphones, do homework.  You may also quietly talk to friends.

2. Be inclusive.  The lounge is for all Connections students.  Invite students that you do not know well to sit at your table. Include everyone in your conversations.  Please do not exclude anyone.

3. There are classrooms next to the lounge area.  Voices and Laughter carries throughout the building.  Student conversation and laughter have been disrupting classes

4. The lounge is a place you can wait if you arrive early for class.  You are not able to use the lounge if you are scheduled for a class at that time.  If you choose not to attend your scheduled class, you must leave the building.

5. You may listen to music with your headphones.  Please do not play music without headphones in the Transition building. Please do not sing along to music as you listen to your headphones.  It is too disruptive.

6. You do not have to wait for classes in the Transition Building.  You can wait outside, across the street at Churchill Market, wait at the Skate Park.  Please do not wait at the playground next to the skate park.  The playground is designed for children and you are an adult.



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