First Week Info

Orientation Schedule Fall 2023


Thursday  9/7

10:00 Ice breakers:  This or that, Human Bingo —  

10:30 Expectations/Class options — Anders, Kwasi

  1. District student rules
  2. Connections student agreements
  3. Seminar schedule and description

12:00 Outside time – All staff

12:30 Lunch (barbecue) – 

1:00 End of day


Friday  9/8

10:00 Ice breakers:  Two Truths and a Lie

10:30  Sign up for Individual meetings/Interviews

10:45  Meet with Guy and Darren on security/emergency procedures including fire drill

–Security questions 

12:00 Outside time

12:30 School lunch

1:00 End of day


Monday and Tuesday are for individual meetings to select schedule, sign important doc’s (from 4j)  and set goals to work on. 









Old 21/22 info below: 

Orientation Day 2

Hi Students!  Making connections with the people around you is a goal for all of us.  The people you make connections with can become your community.  A community can grow to be a group of people that support each other


Student sharing

Silas Miller

Photo: Young me in France Trampoline

Song : Gorrilaz – Clint Eastwood (Trollz movie)

Other songs I like: Behind Blue Eyes & Under the Gallows Tree

Seiji Hadwen

Photo: I created this photo in a program on my computer.

Me here, and characters and licensed characters (group picture)

Why I like it: Being in a group and having a lot of friends.

Song: Touhou Anime – The Memories of Phantasm

Jack Waghorn

Song: Grease – “We go together”

John Stuart

Hollow Knight CST -City of Tears


(played off phone) Song: Aurora – Just like the sea

Photo of me holding a zucchini

Abby Sheppler

Photo of me and my horse

Song: Hailey Styles – Treat me with Kindness

Emma Sheppler

Photo of me and dog named Cooper

My family went hiking a bunch this Summer

Song:This is me trying – Taylor Swift


Picture: Its a picture from Google, it makes me feel free, like being out of the house with friends and family


Picture: Me at Harry Potter World, with a butter beer (Butterscotch and Cream Soda)

Song: I live – GLEE

Watching GLEE with my Dad


Song: Good Morning – Max Frost

Photo: Me with my nephew from last year


Connections Class Schedule Walk-through – Jasmin


Breakfast Club – Nutrition, Meal Plan, Shop, Cook

Get Off Your Tush! – Planning and Organization

Lunch & PE

Moving In – For all new Connections students

Academic Support – ABSE



Exercising your Rights! – Voting

Lunch & PE

Budgeting – Intro Class & Real Life Budgets

Academic Support – for ABSE


Date Night Dining – Nutrition, meal plan, shop, cooking

Who am I? – Self-Discovery and Self-Determination

Lunch & PE

Map It – Mobility and Community Awareness

Cognitopia – Job Experience, Software App Development

Academic Support – for ABSE



Bend without breaking – Resilience & Flexibility

Lunch & PE

MY IEP – Facilitate & Create a Portfolio

Academic Support – for ABSE


Academic Support – for ABSE


Job Club – (Want a job) & Rights & Responsibilities (Have a job)

Lunch & PE

Guys & Girls Group – Healthy Relationships (Guest Speaker every 3 weeks)


To sign up for classes you need to contact and set up a time to meet with your case manager.  Either Anders; (541) 912-3618, or Jasmin; (541) 954-7133.

For Advocate Meetings during the year, students are encouraged to set up a time to meet with another Connections Staff, or Case Manager.

TOMORROW: Individual Student Meetings (Day 3)

Lunch Social on Zoom tomorrow (Wednesday) at 12:00 PM

Zoom link on the Connections “Transition Times” Website


Orientation Day 1

HI students

Here is what the class went over in todays orientation session from 10-11:30

Intro of staff: all staff shared a photo and a song of something that made them feel good and have a positive outlook on the Fall term. This will also be the assignment for students to do tomorrow. 1. find a photo or a picture of something that makes you feel good, 2. find a song that makes you feel good. 


Photo at a beach community

Song: Walking on Sunshine 


Staff Photo

Song: Beatles – With A Little Help From My Friends


Photo of current quilting project on her loom

Song: Amy’s Friend’s Bluesy song


Photo of Heather and Partner

McKenzie River Strong


Photo Sister and I at the Sunset Beach Tide Pools

Song: Noah and the Whale – Five Years Time


Photos of the Beach

Song: Otis Redding – Sitting on the Dock of the Bay



RULES Zoom expectations

Basic Etiquette for Online Class

Zoom Tips Youtube: (serious) (funny) 

Preparing for Zoom:

  • Please show up on time at the scheduled time. 
  • Find a quiet place, free from distraction (siblings, pets, parents, televisions).

During Class:

  • Maintain RESPECT in both speaking, writing, and appearance.
  • Stay on mute. 
  • Please click the “raise hand” button if you would like to contribute. 
  • Only unmute yourself if you have a question or something relevant to contribute. 
  • Chat window is for on topic discussions/questions only. (This is NOT the time for individual “chats”).  

Keep in mind:

  • Video needs to remain ON to promote focus. 
  • Eye contact should be maintained.
  • Refrain from chewing gum, eating, or drinking in front of the camera. 

Taking a break

  • When taking a break (water, restroom, stretch, etc.) remember to Stop Video
  • Consider setting a timer to remember to reactivate your video

Tools: These are persistent messages (like a turn signal)

Once you click it on, remember to click it off when you are done.

  1. Hand Raise
    • Clickable icon in “Participant” window
    • Raising your hand in your screen
  1. Replies
    • Yes
    • No
  1. Voting tools
    • Go Slower
    • Go Faster
    • Like
    • Dislike
    • Applause
    • Vote: need a break


Following this we went over the class schedule. 

Please look at the website for the schedule outline and seminar description

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