Monday Classes

Fall – 23

Week 1. 

TO DO: Kahoot, Document 10min, , 

Create a routine! How will you document your hikes? (example below) 

Document to log your hike: JimBob Exampleson


I went to:______________ Mt ______ 




Pros and cons with the hike (minimum of 1 each): 

Pro: the hike was flat and the scenery was beautiful.

Con: there were a lot of people and the trail was narrow (meeting people). 

Rating: Easy, moderate, hard.  What rating would you give and why? 

 I would rate it hard but the trails were nice and stairs where it was too steep. It is pretty steep . 

Accessible: how will you get there? You can get there by bus (LTD) but the bus only goes 1/hour and it doesn’t go at all during the weekends. 


Steps: I got__5000__ number of steps for this hike.


Smoothie made today:__Strawberry – Banana ________ rating (yuk, OK, good, delicious). 




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