Is It A Medical Emergency?


We’ve missed s few classes- let’s get back into it 🙂

QUICK reminder – water & sunscreen: It’s going to get hot this weekend, remember to stay hydrated and to use a hat & apply sunscreen to avoid betting sunburnt. 

Bleeding and wound care:




Benefits of sticking to routines:


For homework I want you to track/document what you eat for breakfast and dinner for 1 week. 

Create a google doc. including: 

Day,  Breakfast & Dinner (what you ate): 


Jim Bob example: 

Fill in only first day….


Day Breakfast Dinner Extra:




April — Egg and toast x2

Coffee x3

Pizza and salad  8000 7h
April — Yogurt and banana

Coffee x3

Pasta alfredo w chicken 4500 7
April — Toast w egg,ham, cheese

Coffee x3

Grilled cheese & soup 10000 8
April — Toast w egg,ham,cheese

Coffee x3

Swe Pancakes (whipped cream and fruit) 12000 7
April — Smoothie and pancakes x2

Coffee x3

Pizza w salad 11000 7
April — Hard bread w egg x2 

Coffee x3

Salmon+ Rice 7000 7


4/9 Review of last week, and move to:


Check the victim: .


Recovery Position: and practice the steps – may need to be watched 2 times.


ALLERGIES & Asthma is upon us.


Video: Allergic reactions:



Do you know of anyone that has asthma? 

Share experience: 



What is the difference between asthma and allergies? (this also includes the Covid/Flu/Cold): This is also important to think about as this is one of the “underlying conditions” that can make the Covid-19 be much harder to fight off. If you have asthma you should be extra cautious of contracting viruses. 


  • Follow the chart below to find the answer of the symptoms: JimBob is having a hard time breathing, he’s coughing, tightness of chest,  slight headache, feeling weak, – What do you think happened to JimBob? What shall we do to help? 


Different kinds of asthma:


Check in – How was Spring break…schedule OK….calendar – Friday dance/social (are you going? did you let Kelli/Anders know).

What do you hope to get out of this class? 

Prior ideas – Emergency preparedness, vaccinations, dentist, 

What is your experience w injuries?

 I can share my blueberry story….  

Why is it important to know about First Aid


Settings (where do accidents happen…..: home, work, hike, bike, car….)

Kahoot:  “Pretest of Basic First Aid

What to do? 

Acting in an emergency:


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