Make Your Goals and Dreams Come True!

First, If you attend King or Queen of the Castle, remember to check your avatar’s mail box (the message board outside Josh’s office).  You might have some important mail this week!  Make sure you know when your rent is due!  If you do not know, read your lease!

What are your goals and dreams?  How can you make your goals and dreams a reality?  Remember, you are the one who is responsible for making progress toward your goals.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t have help and support!  Talk to your advocate, case manager, transition specialist, vocational rehabilitation counselor, and family and lets make those goals and dreams come true.    We know that many of you are making steps towards your goals as well!  Those of you that have not set goals, lets set some and see how far you can go!  Reach for the stars, follow through on your tasks and you can get there!

Speaking of goals, the Oregon Track Series #4 5K is coming up on June 8!  Remember, if you are keeping up with your workout goals, Connections will pay for your entrance fee.  This will be a great event that is guaranteed to be a great time!  Here is your work out this week!  Remember, we will be doing workout #1 on Monday, you are responsible for completing workouts #2 and #3 on your own.  Don’t forget to update Goal Guide when you do!

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