The Winter Term Schedule Is Out! Get It While It’s Hot!

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 11.05.32 PMOur Connections’s winter seminar and work experience schedule is out, and it looks amazing!  You can see our seminar grid right here on this page (just click on the picture to see it more clearly); you can read the description of each seminar by clicking the 2016 Winter Term seminar link above.  Most of you have scheduled a Winter Term Registration time for Thursday, December 17 at Building 2120.  Please make sure you know what time you are due to meet on Thursday.  If you need to change your time, or you haven’t made an appointment yet, please do so before Thursday!  Students who sign up for Winter Term Seminars will receive an LTD Bus Pass Sticker for January, February and March.

Please be prepared when registering for the 2016 Winter Term.  Read our Winter Term Seminar descriptions before your meeting and pick seminars that will help you reach your future goals.  Think about what you want your life to be after you age out of 4J services.  What do you want to be doing when your 22, 23 or 24 years old?  Pick classes that help you acquire those skills.  If you have any questions about classes you should be taking, please see your advocate or case manager.  Tell us what your future goals are, and we can guide you to classes that fit your goals!

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