Sign Up For A Winter Term Registration Time Today!

winter_is_coming__black__by_jp_3-d6pnnatOur Fall Term is quickly coming to a close… but not to worry, there is still plenty of more Connections to come.  We will be announcing our electrifying Winter Term Seminars later this week!  That’s right, you will be able to find new Winter Term Schedule on this web site!  Check the website later this week, and click on the 2016 Winter Term Schedule Link.

I know what you are asking… this sounds amazing, how do I sign up?  You will need to see Connections Staff today to sign up for a Winter Term Registration Meeting on Thursday December 17!  Your registration meeting will be with Connections Staff and will be about 30 minutes.  All registration meetings will take place in the Building 2120.   Sign up for your meeting today!

The Originals opens on Monday, December 7! The store will be open each Monday and Wednesday from 12:00 pm to 12:25! Support local business and buy your snack and school supplies from your friends at the Originals!

And… don’t forget about Alumni Afternoon! Alumni Afternoon will take place from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm on Friday, December 18. We will meet at Downtown LCC, and visit Sizzle Pie for a slice of pizza! We will then go to Smith Family Books for more fun and excitement. Remember, you are responsible for buying your own slice of pizza… if you do not have money, don’t let that stop you from attending! Hanging out is free and always fun!

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