Have A Happy and Safe Winter Break

imagesIt is official, Winter break has begun.  The Connections staff and I would like to wish everyone happy holidays, and hope everyone has a happy and safe winter break!

I would like to thank all Connections students and staff for an electrifying fall term!  I am very impressed with the progress that was made during the Winter term.  Everyone did a fantastic job, and you all should be very proud of the progress you made.  You are on their way to reaching their goals!

Connections (and 4J) is closed from Monday, December 21 through Monday, January 4.  Connections Winter Term begins on Tuesday, January 5!  Note: Most 4J schools are closed on January 5, we are open!  Connections staff will report back to work on Tuesday, January 5.

Most Connections students now have Winter Term Schedules.  If you do not have a Winter Term Schedule (or if you would like to make changes), it is not too late!  You will be able to contact staff to schedule a meeting on January 5.  If you have questions and need to get ahold of me before January 5, please email: barbour@4j.lane.edu.

See you in 2016!

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