Fun Winter Friday at Putters!

Winter Break is soon here! Classes resume Tuesday, January 8th. Remember that LCC ABSE and credit classes begin on Monday, January 7th.

We will be ending Fall term with a social event at Putters on Friday December 21st. Connections will pay $5.00 towards one game of mini golf or Lazer tag. A game of Lazer tag will be $8.00 total. Students will need to bring additional money for any other purchases such as food, arcade games etc.

Putters is located at the Gilbert Shopping Center on Highway 99
1156 OR-99, Eugene, OR 97402

You may meet us at Putters at 12:00pm and leave by 2:00pm. Feel fee to meet us downtown at 11:25am on the #41. Please let a Connections staff know what you plan to do.

Transportation Plan:
To Putters
Leave Building 2120 at 10:45am
Take the 11:00am #36 to Downtown LTD Station arriving at 11:20am
Take the 11:30am #41 to Gilbert Shopping Center arriving at 11:46am

To Building 2120
Take the 2:12pm #41 at Fairfield and Hawthorne to Downtown arriving at 2:35pm
There will be an activity van driving to 2120 and we will be arriving at 2:30pm.

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