Thursday Party 4-6pm at LevelUp


Students are invited to Cognitopia winter party at LEVEL UP. This event is to thank students for working with Cognitopia this past term.


Adr: 1290 Oak St

Eugene, OR 97401

Level Up website:


Please note important information below.


* TIMEThursday December 13th , 4-6pm. (from 4-6 this is a private event, after 6 this venue is open to the public).


* Staffing: this is an after school activity, staff and teachers are not on duty but will be attending the event.


* Transportation: Students will be responsible for getting home independently (if student usually ride Schoolbus home, and plan to attend this event, please remember to cancel the bus home this day).

* Cost: students will be provided food and drinks (no alcohol) and tokens to play on the arcade games.


Please call or email if you have any questions.

Thank you


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