Plan An Event’s Survivor Challenge On Friday, April 4!

photoI hope everyone had a happy and restful Spring Break!  The Spring term begins on Monday, March 31, and I couldn’t be more excited.  We have a great Spring Term lined up for you, and it is going to be electrifying!

Week 1 of the Spring Term starts out with a bang!  The Plan An Event class is going to put on their second event: The Survivor Challenge!  The Survivor challenge will take place on Friday, April 4 and will feature several awesome challenges!  Each challenge will take place in a different room, and each challenge will have a prize!  The Survivor Challenge will take place on Friday, April 4 from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm!  Come to the Survivor Event, it will be amazing!

There will be a few slight changes to our schedule for week 1 of the Spring Term.  Please note the following changes:

1. Goal Guide will not take place on Monday, March 31 or April 7.  Tom and Charlie need to put the final touches for grants to fund new projects this week, they are unable to meet.  Students new to Goal Guide will make individual appointments with Tom and Charlie during the week of April 7.  The Spring Term Goal Guide Work Experience will begin for everyone on  Monday, April 14.

2. Transition Building Maintenance Team will not take place on Tuesday, April 1.  Instead, the Plan An Event Class will meet to plan the final touches for Friday’s Survivor Challenge Event.  If you attended Plan An Event Winter Term, we strongly encourage you to join us on Tuesday to finish planning our event.  If you did not attend Plan an Event and you would like to help us plan, you are welcome to join us!  Let’s make this event great!!!

3.  Master of Time will not take place on Friday, April 4.  Instead, the Survivor Challenge will take place in the Transition Building!  Come join us for the Survivor Event!  You will have fun!

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