Alumni Afternoon on Friday, March 21! We’re Going To Sonic!

IMG_2831Alumni Afternoon is back!  On Friday, March 21, we will be going to Sonic in Springfield!  I hope you join us.  Our Annual trip to Sonic is always legendary.  Remember, 4J is not able to pay for your food.  You may choose to bring $5 for a snack; we’ll be there during their happy hour, all drinks are half price!  If you don’t choose to bring money, that is OK.  Hanging out is free and always fun!  Remember to dress for the weather, Sonic only has outdoor seating.

Here is our plan for Sonic:

1:30 pm: Meet in Room 107 in the New Downtown LCC

2:00 pm: Get on bus 13

2:27 pm: Arrive at Sonic: Eat, hang out

3:27 pm: Board bus back to Eugene Station

4:00 pm: Arrive at Eugene Station.

Did you see our new schedule for Spring Term?  Doesn’t it look amazing?  Look at those classes: Gourmet Club, Recreation Sampler, Tools of The Trade, Street Law, Don’t Believe the Hype… this might be our best schedule yet!  Make sure you have a time for your registration meeting on March 20…  You don’t want to miss out!


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