Connections challenge: be prepared!

Right now, we are about to begin our 6th week of the Fall Term. Wow, 6th week, time sure flies when we are having fun! You know what to expect from all your seminars. You know what to expect when you attend Advocate. Be Prepared for your seminars and advocates. Make sure you bring your 3-ring binder, a pencil or a pen and last week’s classwork. Make sure you have completed the away work. Make sure you are ready to participate in class!

Be prepared for your future! It is not too late to join ABSE/GED at Lane Community College! If you are interested in participating in ABSE program fall term (and are not currently attending ABSE), please attend the mid term orientation October 23 and 24 at the LCC Downtown Campus. If you have any questions, please tell your case manager.

Be prepared for the weather! The fall season has officially arrived, and the weather seems to be fairly unpredictable. Be prepared for frequent rain, overcast skies and cooler temperature. Many of our seminars (e.g. Map It!, Smart Shopping, and Guy’s Group) take place outside. Bring a raincoat, waterproof shoes and clothes that will keep you warm even if you get wet!

Be prepared for your morning commute. You now know the bus route to the Transition Building and Downtown LCC. Give yourself enough time in the morning in order to catch the bus that will get you to class on time! Get to that bus stop early to make sure you don’t miss your bus!

Be prepared for your day! Make sure you get enough sleep at night. Make sure you eat breakfast and pack a lunch. And make sure you have your LTD bus pass, you don’t want to be without it if you need it!

We have a full week this week, and it is going to be amazing! See you at the Transition Building, on Main Campus or at Downtown LCC!

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