SPROUT film festival on Thursday 10/19!

On Thursday 10/19 Connections morning seminars will be cancelled due to a field trip to Lane Community College Main Campus to see the Sprout Film Festival. Lori’s advocates will be taking place as scheduled. We have reserved enough tickets for students.  Make sure you bring your bus pass or fare. We will be meeting at Lane Community College Downtown Lobby at 9:00am and traveling by the 9:20am bus #82 from Downtown Station bay I to Main Campus arriving 9:40am. You can go directly to Main Campus and meet the group at 9:45am at the clock tower bus stop. Please bring a sack lunch or bring money to purchase lunch from the cafeteria.  The group will take a tour of Lane Community College Campus.  We will be returning Downtown by 2:20pm.  If you do not want to attend the film festival please let your case manager know.  Afternoon classes (except for Map it!) will take place as scheduled.  

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