Alumni Afternoon: Friday February 17!

Last December, we had an Alumni Afternoon scheduled… however it had to be postponed due to weather.  Great news, Alumni afternoon has been scheduled! Alumni Afternoon will take place on Friday February 17!  And it will be legendary!  This Alumni Afternoon is a time when we invite the Connections Alumni back for a fun activity. All Connections Alumni and Current Connections Students are welcome to attend.  This time, we are headed to Emerald City Comics, Killer Burger and Level Up arcade.  The agenda is below:

1:00 pm: Meet on the 1st floor lobby of Lane Community College Downtown Campus (the new Downtown LCC Building)

1:20 pm: Take Emx Bus to Emerald City Comics/Smith Family Books

1:30 pm: Hang out at Emerald City Comics/Smith Family Books

2:00 pm: Catch Emx Bus back to Downtown Eugene

2:05 pm: Enjoy Hamburgers at Killer Burger or Pizza at Sizzle Pie.  Note we will be at Killer Burger during their “Crazy Hour” when the Classic and the Peanut Butter Pickle Bacon burger are only $6.75.  

3:00 pm: Walk to Level Up arcade and enjoy classic video games.  

3:30 pm: Walk back to Eugene Station and catch the bus back home!

Remember, each student is responsible for paying for his or her own hamburger or pizza and/or video games.  If you do not feel like spending your money, that is OK, join us anyway!  Hanging out is free and always fun. 

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