Connections Challenge: Be Positive This Week!

Fact: Using positive thinking is powerful.  If your mind anticipates happiness, joy and success before a task or activity, you are going to find happiness, joy and success when it is time to do that activity.  Your challenge is to try this!  Think positive thoughts as you enter class this week, I bet that you will be happier, learn more and feel better about yourself in class.  The best part is that thinking and feeling positive is contagious.  If you are positive, other people around you will be positive as well!

Remember, your thoughts, feelings and actions are all connected.  If you are thinking negative thoughts, you will not feel good, and you are likely to act negatively with those around you.  If you start to feel negative thoughts, try to change your thoughts feelings or actions to feel better.  Try to ignore those negative thoughts!

We have a full week this week, and it is going to be electrifying!  I am ready to be positive this week!  Are you?

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