In Case of Snow and Reminder there is no school on Thursday 12/1 and Friday 12/2

Our Thanksgiving gathering on Wednesday was a great success and it was great to see everyone helping out and spending time with friends.  Connections staff hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Below are some reminders about what happens when it’s icy or snowy outside:

In case of snow: Connections is part of the Eugene 4J school district. If 4J is open, Connections is open. If 4J is closed, Connections is closed. The 4J web site                              ( ) will have the latest information on school closures. I will post a message on this website if we are delayed or closed for the day.

In case of a 2 hour delay: All morning classes are cancelled and 12 (noon) classes resume at Connections. We will have a regular schedule starting at 1 pm.

Sometimes Lane Community College will be closed and 4J will be open. In that case, Connections will be open. If you have classes or advocates that take place at LCC, please talk to your teacher about what to do if LCC is closed.

If you have any questions, you can always call Anders (541) 912-3618, or Jasmin at (541) 760-5590. If you choose to text, please leave your name and a phone number.

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