Thursday 14th FUN DAY! (and last day of school)

June 14th – Activity to Shotgun Creek.

All day activity 10:00am – 6:15pm (parent/guardian pick-up).


To end the summer on a light & fun way we have scheduled a trip to shotgun creek.

We will meet our usual time at 10:00am at Connections building.

We have 2 activity vans that will transport students and gear out to shotgun creek.

We are planning to do have a longer day so we can enjoy the nature, hike, play-games and BBQ an early dinner while out there.

We will be back at Connections building by 6:15pm. Connections will supply sandwich lunch and snacks + drinks, and BBQ for later in the day (hamburgers & hotdogs).


Please make arrangements to get picked up (or if you are taking city bus home), and confirm this with your advocate.

Please bring:

Hat, sunscreen, water bottle, rain gear, good shoes (hiking),….

NOTE: Medication, if a student needs medication administered before end of day please check in with Anders. 

Here is a link to Shotgun Creek. We will be in Shelter 1.



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