Have a great Winter Break! Classes resume on Wednesday 1/3/18

The Connections school year calendar has been updated, please refer to the link above for more information. 

Next week:

Monday and Tuesday of next week are regular school days for Connections.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday there are no Connections classes.

Thursday students will sign up for Winter term classes, if you do not have a registration time please contact your case manager. Please see the link above for the class schedule for Winter 2018.

Friday 12/15/2017 Connections Community Enrichment Presents:


Putters Family Entertainment Center 1156 Hwy 99 Time: 11 am to 1 pm


  1. Golf- adults: $6.50 students: $5.50
  2. Hang out- free
  3. Food: purchase at concession stand or bring sack lunch
  4. Please note that the arcade machine transactions are digital. There are card machines to add credits to your balance and check both the ticket and credit balances.

Getting There:

  1. Students who will be leaving from Connections Bailey Hill will travel with Anders  by LTD leaving at 10:30.
  2. Students who want to meet Downtown can join Jasmin at 10:40 at LCC Downtown first floor lobby (LTD) to take the 10:49am  bus.
  3. Meet at putters at 11 on your own

Getting Back:

  1. Arrive at 2120 around 2:00pm, for students who get the School Bus we will have a video to watch afterwards.
  2. Arrive at eugene station at 1:35pm.
  3. Get home on your own-Pick up time: 1:00pm.
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