Connections Challenge: Set Clear Boundaries!

IMG_2716Your challenge this week is to set clear boundaries for yourself!  Remember, setting boundaries is determining what you feel comfortable with, and what you do not.  Think about what makes you feel good and what puts you on edge.  Recognize situations that make you feel uncomfortable, and practice saying no. Remember, you do not have to be in situations that make you feel uncomfortable!  For more information and practice, please attend Escape The Drama Seminars on Mondays at 10 am and Thursdays at 12:30 pm!

We are very lucky to have space in the new Downtown LCC Building.  Please remember to be respectful in the building.  If you arrive to class early, please be quiet as you wait at the tables outside room 107.  Noise travels very far in that building.  IF you do not think you can be quiet, please do not enter the IMG_2721building until it is time for class.

Great News: Amy has a new work cell phone.  Amy’s new number is: 541-953-8768

And, if you are in Mod Your Recipe: Our Recipe was a complete success!  Your flexibility and positive attitude worked, and your bars are ready to eat!  Check out your creation!  Make sure you stop by the Mock Apartment and get your bar today!


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