Friday the 11th

Friday June 11th (new plan):

Food and festivities at Connections building & we’ll have a DUNK TANK. 

To BRING: Towel & Swim , clothes to change into, rain coat, 

MASK (and bring an extra if it gets wet). 


10:30 arrive at Connections (building 2120).

11:00 Dunk Tank (only staff in the tank)- Socialize and play games (boardgames, outdoor games…).

Mentos in a coke bottle?!! Water balloon fight?!!

12:00 Eat (Papa’s Pizza, caprisun, cupcakes….)- This is our time to recognize  and congratulate all our awesome Grads. 

1:00 Head out to do a small hike and social walking, or movie and/or games. 

3:00-3:30 Go home from Building. 

** If you have other game ideas, or other suggestions please email or call: Heather, Anders, Morgan. 


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