Free lunches and dinners for students

Dinner is Served!
Youth now receive free dinner, along with breakfast and lunch
Starting this week, the free meals offered to 4J students and youth 18 years and younger include breakfast, lunch and dinner, all nutritious and delicious.

Meals are available to grab-and-go from 10 sites across the district, 10:45 a.m.–2 p.m. each school day. Daily meal menus are available online. Dinner meals are provided Monday–Thursday, with an extra serving on Thursdays to cover Fridays. Extra breakfast and lunch servings are offered on Fridays to cover the weekend.

The district also is currently providing home delivery of meals to children who don’t live near a meal pickup location or need assistance accessing meals. Families can request delivery of youth meals to their home within the Eugene School District. Children do not have to be students in 4J schools or meet any income requirements.

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