How’s everyone doing?

I don’t know about you, but as this social isolation continues I find myself wanting the routines of life as it was before. I try to remind myself that this is what life is right now. We need to continue to socially isolate to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. I suggest you find ways to stay focused on what is most important to you, but continue to plant the seeds of your future.

I encourage you to start or continue to check in with the Connections staff and students each day to create an anchor so you do not drift. Complete the daily activities to the best of your ability and reach out to your case manager or advocate if you need to. We are here for you! We miss you 🙂

Each student was sent an email inviting them to participate in a 10:00am Zoom meeting daily check in and also a 12:30pm lunch gathering Monday through Friday. At the top of this page are a list of activities Connections staff have created to help provide structure and continue your learning. Use the Schedule Spring-20 tab to see which activities are recommended for today, or find the areas you want to work on and focus on those.

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