Movies and Pizza on Thursday at Falling Sky! Then Level Up!

On Thursday June 13th we will be watching a movie and eating pizza at the Falling Sky pizzeria at the University of Oregon student union (EMU).  Please bring $5.00 for food and/or arcade games.  Students will be meeting in LCC room 308 at 11:30am, taking LTD to campus and arriving at 12:15pm.  We will be there till 2pm and then going to Level Up! arcade by 2:45pm.  Students may join us for all or part of the activities.  Abilities! class and Grass Roots Garden will take place on Thursday morning as scheduled.  All other seminars are cancelled.

One more week of classes and then on Monday June 17th (our last day of classes) we are having a picnic at Shotgun creek.  More detail to come next week!

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