Thursday afternoon is Arcade and Bowling!

Classes on Thursday afternoon are not happening as scheduled! Instead we will have fun by going to the arcade and go bowling! You can meet us for all or part of the afternoon, please let us know what you intend to do.

12:30 meeting at LCC DT room 308 at

1:00pm we will walk to Level Up and stay there for 30 minutes. You may purchase some food and bring money if you want to play their arcade games.

1:30pm we will walk to the bus station

1:40pm Take bus #67 at Bay P to Emerald Lanes

1:55pm Arrive at Emerald Lanes near Oakway Plaza

2:00pm-3pm Bowl your heart out 🙂

3:10pm take the #12 or #66 at Oakway towards Downtown

You may leave after that if you are independent on the bus or wait in room 308 at Downtown LCC till the school bus arrives at 4:00pm.

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