February Challenge

Please remember there is no Connections or 4j classes on Friday February 1st. Lane Community College is still in session. This Friday marks the middle of the school year.

The weather report predicts snow on Monday. Check the 4j website at www.4j.lane.edu and local news reports to see if there will be any closures or late starts. Please click on the link above “in case of snow” for more details.

February is the shortest month of the year and the Transition Times crew encourages you to participate in the February Challenge. Think about a habit you would like start or get rid to improve your life. We would like to hear what challenge you will take and how you are doing with it.

For example:
Mike will cut out junk food, coffee and exercise every day for 20 minutesHealthy portions of fish, rice, and vegetables

Jasmin and Heather will drastisticly reduce sugar intake

Shayan will practice sitting while eating

Anders will eliminate eating meat one day a week

Makenna will cut her carbs and sugar

Richard will drink more water

Everett will walk/exercise over the weekends

Good Luck!  and stay strong!

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